Our Compulsory Purchase Order

Compulsory Purchase Orders

We have made two Compulsory Purchase Orders (CPOs) to help us to compulsorily acquire the land and rights necessary to build London Power Tunnels 2 (LPT2) – a new network of cable tunnels in South London, between Wimbledon and Crayford.

The project comprises three ‘Circuits’: Circuit 1 is from Wimbledon to New Cross; Circuit 2 is from New Cross to Hurst; and Circuit 3 is from Hurst to Crayford. These particular Orders cover Circuit 1 and Circuit 2. We will issue a separate order for Circuit 3.

We have engaged with landowners and occupiers of properties, which are located above the route of the tunnel, to discuss the required rights to deliver the project since March 2018. We have also notified them about the CPO process. We are only seeking the rights to land beneath properties along the route. Properties above ground will not be affected.

Anyone with questions about our CPO should email lpt@dalcourmaclaren.com or call 0800 160 1376 for further information.

Next steps

Our CPOs will be advertised in the following public locations for at least 3 weeks to allow time for those affected to review the documents and make objections to the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, should they wish.

Please click on the below image for a higher-resolution image of the CPO advertising locations.

If the Secretary of State receives objections to our CPOs, then the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) will make written representations to us or will arrange for a public inquiry. BEIS will be in touch with those who have made an objection, if they require any further information.

After either the public inquiry or the written representations, the Secretary of State will approve, amend or reject the CPOs. This will be confirmed in writing.

If the Secretary of State approves our CPOs, we will contact all landowners and occupiers of properties which are located above the route of the tunnel, to inform them of the decision. We will also publicise the decision. We will then contact all affected properties again regarding our acquisition of the rights for the project.