National Grid engineers visit Bramford Community Gardens to lend a helping hand

A group of volunteers from National Grid’s flagship London Power Tunnels project took time out from their busy schedule to help tidy up Bramford Community Garden in Wandsworth Town last week.

Ten volunteers who work at the Project’s nearby Wandsworth site pulled up weeds, cut back flowerbeds and built a toolbox at the garden under the direction of Jenny Lee, a volunteer at Transition Town Wandsworth.

The garden project is overseen by Transition Town Wandsworth, part of a worldwide network of Transition Towns which work to meet environmental challenges in various areas and work towards a better future. The garden is community-run, with locals choosing which plants to grow, from native flowers and grassland to herbs, fruit trees and vegetables. It is intended to provide benefits to local residents, schools and wildlife, by creating an attractive, productive and ecologically rich garden, and thereby enhancing the amenity of the public space.

Gareth Burden, Project Manager for the London Power Tunnels project, said:

“National Grid is committed to having a positive impact on the areas in which it works and we were delighted to have the opportunity to help with some maintenance work at Bramford Community Gardens. We would like to extend a special thanks to the Transition Town Wandsworth for helping us to organise the day.”

The London Power Tunnels project involves the construction of 32km of tunnels which will house electricity cables that will help keep Londoners plugged into safe and reliable power supplies.

Two tunnel boring machines (TBMs) – Evelyn and Cleopatra – are currently carving out this vast subterranean electricity superhighway deep below the capital’s busy streets. The project is due to be complete and operational by 2018. For more information go to


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