Our Compulsory Purchase Order

In order to be able to deliver this essential and urgent infrastructure project, we require certain land and rights

Whilst our intention is to acquire all land and rights required to deliver the project voluntarily, to ensure it can be delivered without delay, we have taken a comprehensive approach to acquiring the land and rights by issuing CPOs for each section/circuit of the route in parallel with voluntary negotiations

For the tunnel route, we are predominantly seeking rights in subsoil to land at depth beneath properties along the route, as well as certain land and rights on the surface at headhouse sites.

LPT2 comprises three ‘Circuits’ between existing National Grid substation sites:

  • Circuit 1 is from Wimbledon to New Cross
  • Circuit 2 is from New Cross to Hurst
  • Circuit 3 is from Hurst to Crayford

We have submitted two Compulsory Purchase Orders (CPOs) for land and rights along the tunnel route – these two particular Orders cover Circuit 1 and Circuit 2. An Inquiry into both CPOs was held on 7 January 2020 and we are awaiting the Secretary of State’s decision on both. We have made a separate CPO for Circuit 3 and will submit this in due course

The CPO is a last resort and therefore, only the land and those rights which we have not been able to secure voluntarily will be procured through the CPO process. Since March 2018, we have engaged with landowners and occupiers of properties, which are located above the route of the tunnel, to discuss the required rights to deliver the project. We have also notified them about the CPO process.

Should you have any questions at all about the CPO process, please contact our Community Relations team on 0800 783 2855 or [email protected]