Project summary

Learn more about the London Power Tunnels phase 2 project

National Grid is building a new cable tunnel, 32.5km in length, between Wimbledon and Crayford.

In Spring 2020 National Grid embarked upon a six-year, £1 billion project, to rewire South London via deep underground tunnels.  This vital work will help keep Londoners connected to safe and reliable electricity supplies.

In total 32.5km of 3m diameter tunnels are being constructed deep below the road network between Wimbledon and Crayford, which will carry high voltage electricity cables.

By housing the new electricity cables in deep underground tunnels, there will be a number of benefits:

  • Less disruption during construction as the majority of works will take place deep underground
  • Future repairs and maintenance work can be carried out without disrupting traffic, residents and businesses
  • Additional cables can be installed in the tunnels to meet future demand

The project is due to be complete and fully operational in 2026.  It follows the successful completion of phase 1 in 2018, which was a seven-year, £1 billion programme, building 32km of tunnels and two new substations in North London.

Explore this site to find out more about the project and its progress across the capital.